For the of Love of Jewelry!


Yes! You might have been hearing the whispers and it’s true. There are treasures from Tucson! Join us this weekend for our own expo of gorgeous goodies from around the world.

🌟Starts Saturday @ 10am!

Be sure to come dressed to impress with your jewels because its a party! There will be open beading, snacks, door prizes, and more. Spread the word, we’ll see you there!

🌟Leave a little SPARKLE wherever you go!

Makers tip: Make what you like. Design with yourself in mind and you will attract your tribe. That may sound selfish but think of it as a way of reaching out to others like you and offering a part of you to connect. Others will feel your passion in what you make and will want to own that piece of you! Getting to create what you love and being rewarded with real appreciation is priceless. Stay true to yourself. Keep on making…the world go round. 🌎
~Your Bead Therapist
Happy Monday y’all! 🌟
📸 Earrings by #nanettebijoux
📸 Like the red top?
*Both available at Star’s Beads or PM to order.

Look who is coming to Star’s Beads this April!  It’s Kieu Pham Gray!

She is a metal master with several publications, runs a series on JTV, and tours the country like a rockstar, sharing her passion to all us followers, new and old! ☝️Workshops now posted so get signed up today!


W.o.W. us today! It’s “What’s On your Wrist Wednesdays!” Share your wear 👇 and tag us #starsbeads.
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Learn the basics of bead embroidery and create this fun freeform leaf or feather design.  It can be used as a focal on a bracelet or as a pendant and ther are so many color combination. It’s a great stash buster, use those left over beads from old projects!

Back by popular demand…SOAP ROCKS! 💎 These beautifully handcrafted gemstones are infused with extracts of the earth. Each one is uniquely different, just like the real thing, plus leaves your skin feeling cleansed, soft, and smelling fresh.

Need to stimulate the brain? Come check out all the free magazines, full of ideas!

For the love of jewelry, we are having a sale! Specials starts today and continue all holiday weekend long. Celebrating 💜 for all.


Thinking about selling your jewelry? Meet Cherkita. She is a local jewelry designer who has been selling online for years.
Join her this Sunday as she gives you everything you need to know about Etsy to get started.

February 16th


“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” –Pablo Picasso
The process is just as important as the outcome so its possible to enjoy ride AND the destination, if you allow yourself. Be patient and forgiving with yourself. 
Czech it! New stash of daggers just arrived!

Don’t worry. Bead Happy. Colors just make me happy. Just got gifted with these cute pens in my favorite colors and with perfect words of advice.  It totally made my day! Thx @_rad_love_ !

W.o.W. us today! It’s “What’s On your Wrist Wednesdays!” Share your wear  or tag us #starsbeads.
Like what you see? Let us show you how any time!



Many of you have asked so here you go! Star’s is excited to now carry the gorgeous designs of #nanettebijoux.
🌟Did you know Star’s Beads carries the handmade work of local artisans? Star’s is the perfect place to pick up local handmade gifts or come create something yourself!

W.o.W. us today! It’s “What’s On your Wrist Wednesdays!” Share your wear 👇 or tag us #starsbeads.
🙏 Inspiration by Lisa Hampton-Qualls
@qutejewelry .
🌟Like what you see? Take a workshop by Lisa! She is offering several in February so sign up today!☝️

Do you have broken brooches or pins? Leftovers galore? Create a masterpiece of treasures and trinkets into any shape you desire. Join us this Saturday for Treasures of the Heart @ 2pm. Sign up now ☝️!

What’s your mantra?

🌟 Happy Monday! Creativity is not just for the talented artist. Creativity is a skill that needs to be cultivated like any other skill. Learn, play (practice), and learn some more! The more you use it, the better you become. Beading betters the brain so let’s get to it! ~Your Bead Therapist

📸 Student designs from Enamel Hearts happening this Sunday!

Sign up now ☝️


W.O.W. us today! It’s “What’s On your Wrist Wednesdays!” Share your wear 👇 or tag us @starsbeads.
🙏 Inspiration by Nanette Bijoux
🌟Like what you see? Star’s has all the parts you need and we can show you how anytime!

Let’s make soap! 🧼 This little workshop is huge on fun. Come this Saturday and create! Starts this Saturday @ noon, follow the link to learn more.☝️

Get this trendy new look with an old school technique called tatting. Join us this Sunday for Leather into Lace @ noon. Sign up today!

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🌟Like what you see? Learn this style wrap bracelet, made popular by Chan Luu, next weekend!

🌟Happy Monday! One of the best things you can do to get out of a creative rut is to get out, be social, take a class and learn something new. Let go of life for an hour and give into creativity. It will do wonders for the mind. ~Your Bead Therapist
📸 Student designs from Knotting Workshop

Australian Boulder Opal Trunk Show

Boulder opals are considered the second rarest opal in the world and can be mostly found in the opals fields of Queensland Australia. One of the major characteristics is the presence of red ironstone within the opal. Because they only contain a layer of opal, they cannot be cut like other opals which is why it is often cut into irregular, freeform shapes.
Star’s Beads is proud to showcase the beautiful work of cutter, Janice Evert. She has been working with boulder opals since she was young. Her father was a pioneer of boulder opals and we are excited to have one of the largest collection of beads and pendants in the U.S. Be sure to stop by this month to see the amazing selection!

Let’s have a fantastic and creative week!

Follow the link to see what’s happening

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