DoTerra Pop-up Shop is coming to Star’s Beads November 25th!   Shop, win and learn easy solutions that will help you feel your best.


Come visit Lisa and explore natural wellness through the highest quality essential oils you can find.  The day will feature:

*Free mini wellness classes throughout the day!

* Shop doTerra’s whole product line plus homemade natural products, perfect time for gift giving season!

*All 15 exciting new products on display and the chance to win them!

*DoTerra’s 2018 special Holiday products for sale!

*Interactive essential oil display for you to experience the oils aromatically, topically and internally.

*iTovi scans available- a scan that measures your body’s response and tells you what essential oils your body needs.

Exclusive freebies, promos, & sales!

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Welcome to The Oil Source. A local resource for all things essential. Located in the heart of Vienna, Virginia, we are passionate in creating a EO community, aromatherapy jewelry, and sharing the world’s best essential oils.

Heard of essential oils but don’t know how to use them? Maybe you bought some essential oils and you forgot what you can use them for and how to use them properly? Let us educate you!

You can buy essential oils everywhere now, so its more important then ever to understand the difference in quality because all essential oils ARE NOT created equal and will completely effect whether they work for you or not. We can teach you and give you all the resources you need to feel comfortable and confident incorporating them into your life.

Come meet Kay and Lisa at the shop or at a class.  Request a free sample and experience what everyone is talking about! Reach out to us any time at  Be sure to join us and your local EO community on Facebook or come visit The Oil Source in downtown Vienna at Star’s Beads and get your oils and accessories without the wait.