The Magic of Essential Oils – Essential Wellness Series

About Lisa Lermitte
Lisa is a RYT-200 certified yoga teacher, essential oil educator, wellness coach and a mom of 4 beautiful children who inspired her dedication to whole body health and wellness.

The key to achieving your best health comes down to the quality of what you’re exposing yourself to and consistent action. Essential oils are a natural choice for many health concerns and DoTerra is the highest quality and potency essential oil possible. The magic of this botanical resource is experienced by millions of people every day and is changing health care as we know it. Join Lisa Lermitte, essential oil expert, yoga teacher and wellness coach, to learn:
– What essential oils can do for your whole well-being
– How to properly use them
– 4 most effective oils for overall health and how to easily incorporate them into your daily life

Participants will have the opportunity to make 2 blends to take home and start experiencing foundational health benefits immediately. Participants will also receive:
– An iTOVi scan which tests the responses of your body to frequencies to see what’s going on from the inside out and provides you with a customized list of essential oil recommendations
– Essential oil book to take home
– Discounted wholesale membership with DoTerra to bring these oils into your home and save the most money

JUNE 19th Wednesday   4:30 – 5:30pm   FREE

Join us for Therapeutic Thursdays! 

Join us for open wellness hours with essential oil expert Lisa Lermitte every Thursday 10am-1pm at local artist hotspot, Star’s Beads in Vienna, VA.

Lisa is a RYT-200 certified yoga teacher, essential oil educator, wellness coach and a mom of 4 beautiful children who inspired her dedication to whole body health and wellness.

� Personal Wellness Consult- sit down with Lisa with your health issues or goals and she will design a easy to follow essential oil protocol specifically for you.
� Q& A- bring your EO questions, oils you have but not sure how to use, or any health issue you’re interested in knowing what oils to use for
� iTovi Scan- let Lisa test your body’s responses to frequencies and provide you a customized list of essential oil recommendations. Cost: $10 or FREE for any of Lisa’s wholesale members.

� Custom Blend Make & Take- make a custom blend using Lisa’s oils to address exactly what you want. Great to do after and iTovi scan! Cost: $10/roller bottle or spray.

Come out for some bead therapy and enjoy the company of some high vibing, wellness loving, fun people. Maybe make an aromatherapy bracelet, learn something new, never a dull moment and always a good time.




Welcome to The Oil Source. A local resource for all things essential. Located in the heart of Vienna, Virginia, we are passionate in creating a EO community, aromatherapy jewelry, and sharing the world’s best essential oils.

Heard of essential oils but don’t know how to use them? Maybe you bought some essential oils and you forgot what you can use them for and how to use them properly? Let us educate you!

You can buy essential oils everywhere now, so its more important then ever to understand the difference in quality because all essential oils ARE NOT created equal and will completely effect whether they work for you or not. We can teach you and give you all the resources you need to feel comfortable and confident incorporating them into your life.

Come meet Kay and Lisa at the shop or at a class.  Request a free sample and experience what everyone is talking about! Reach out to us any time at  Be sure to join us and your local EO community on Facebook or come visit The Oil Source in downtown Vienna at Star’s Beads and get your oils and accessories without the wait.