The Perfect Wire Wrap

Practice makes perfect! This class is the one to take to learn and perfect wire wrapped loops. Make a necklace and a pair of earrings using fine-gauge wire and beads of your choice. All it takes is correct technique and practice, practice, practice to make the perfect wire wrap!

July 15th Sat. 2:00-5:00 $35.00

Beverlee Stafford, instructor

Beads on a Wire

Make a necklace out of beaded wire beads and accent beads. The base of the necklace is 18 gauge wire – so, it is more of a “neckring” but will have an adjustable clasp if you want to wear it longer. This class is open to all levels of students, but some wire work experience will be helpful.

July 28th Fri. 10:00-2:00 $45.00

Beverlee Stafford, instructor

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