Rock-n-Wrap Wire Bead Ring

Beads that sing with style are a gold metal Hit with this Rock-n-Wrap Ring! If rings are your thing, you will enjoy this fun, finger-hugging ‘wrapping-to-da-bead’ project. Creating artisan-style wearable art with wire is fun, fashionable, expressive and very impressive! In this class you will make a wire ring band, add an oval gemstone bead and wrap to fashion into a ring. You will learn how to measure wire for ring sizing and add decorative coiling to complete the look.

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate. This class is open to anyone who enjoys working with wire and looking to develop their wire work skills.

Saturday March 14th   10:00 – 1:00   $40.00

*Optional Kit: Bead Ring Kit: $20 *Kit includes materials to make 1 ring (solid brass wire, ring sizer, gemstone bead and written instructions). Tools are not included.

Instructor, Lisa Hampton-Qualls

Wrapping with Lisa – Art Deco Crescent Moon Phase Necklace- Jewelry Making

Celestial jewelry is fun, fascinating and ‘far out’ for new age or any age to enjoy. The captivating crescent may be the Moon’s most fascinating phase. Crescent Moons are symbolic of new beginnings, a fresh start and rebirth. Interestingly, the crescent’s points or horns always aim directly away from the Sun.

This is an Art Deco-style pendant in a crescent moon shape accented with frosted moonstone glass beads and dangling hematite star in wire wrap design.

In this workshop you will learn how to make a wire shape with heavy gauge wire and fill in with a wire wrap design. You will also make the wire beaded chain to hold the pendant.

Skill level: Intermediate. This class is open to anyone with a basic understanding and some experience with wire wrapping who is looking to improve their skills and learn new ways of incorporating them into their designs.

Sterling Silver Filled Necklace Kit: $35

*Note: As plated craft wire can be used, I recommend using precious metal for this project, as the plating may chip or crack under pressure between the metal block and chasing hammer.

*A supply list will be sent if you want to bring your own beads and wire.

Saturday March 14th  2:00 – 5:00   $40.00

Instructor, Lisa Hampton-Qualls

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