Registration begins Monday March 2 at 10:00 AM.

We hate to disappoint you by canceling a class. We cancel classes when we don't have enough students. Our policy is to make a decision about canceling a class three days in advance of the date of the class. Please register earlier than this if possible, to help us hold the class you'd like to take!

March 28th - 29th

Summer O'Brien: Glass Artist

Meet the artist herself, Summer, a creative glass artist with amazing attention to detail that shows in her wearable art glass beads. Come see her extensive specialty collection this weekend only!

Sunday April 26th

Bead Swap

This is Kay's favorite event. Dig out those beads you will never use again and bring them to the shop on Sunday, April 26th from 12:00 to 4:00. Someone will love your treasure, and you will go home with new beads. Remember, the better beads you bring, the nicer beads you can trade for in return.

Sunday April 26th

Gold & Silver Party

How does it work? It's easy... do you have the following? Unwanted, out of style gold, broken or missing pieces, brooches and pins, kinked chains, class rings, cuff links. Are you interested in selling a diamond, a family heirloom, or an antique bracelet? Come get a free evaluation with no obligation or get paid on the spot. Nova Gold is a trusted local source for estate transactions and we are happy to have them back. *Now accepting silver plated!

May 15th - 16th

Bead Goes On

Always bringing beads that are a tantalizing glimpse of exotic cultures, each with its own artistic tradition: Hill Tribe silver pendants and charms from Thailand, lampwork beads from Java, seed beads and ethnic jewelry from Nepal, glass beads from Indonesia, beaded beads from Bali. Come see their treasures from around the world!

June 12th - 21st

Hand-painted Russian Porcelain

Lumina Inspirations is a designer and maker of distinctive porcelain, fine china and ceramic art beads and jewelry. Come see their eclectic collection of accent pieces to make your jewelry, truly one-of-a-kind.

July 17th - 26th

C-Koop Beads

It all started in the mid 1970's with a propane torch, copper tubing and some glass powder. Making beads and putting them on leather and selling them was where it all began for Sara Lukkonen, owner and artist at C-Koop. The fascination of the enamel as it was in the molten state and the colors achieved was too much fun! No two beads were alike and that is still the fascination of today.

August 14th - 26th

Venetian Glass from Italy

Venetian glass is a type of glass made in Venice, Italy, primarily on the island of Murano. It is world-renowned for being colorful, elaborate, and skillfully made. Their beauty must be seen in person and it is here only for a limited time so get the real deal while you can!

Books for Myanmar

Star, Kay's mother, is still gathering children's books to start a library in a poor suburb of Rangoon, Myanmar (formerly Burma). Star taught at a small International School there in the l970's. She is working with some of her former Burmese colleagues to set up a library and a school where children can learn English. Knowing English is the key to getting jobs now that Burma has opened its doors to tourism and investment. You can drop of boxes and bags of children's books at the shop at any time!


Welcome to the Star's Beads website. Welcome!

Star's Beads has served the Washington, DC Metro Area for 16 amazing years. We're located at 139 A Church Street, NW, Vienna, Virginia about 12 miles from Washington, DC. (Get directions!) We offer 1200 square feet of glass beads, jewelry, freshwater pearls, crystals, seedbeads, and beading classes. We also offer a wide selection of clasps and chain through

$25 One-Hour Beginning Jewelry Tutorial

Do you want make a simple necklace, bracelet, or earrings but feel like you don't have time to learn? Let Star's Beads show you that you do have time. With a few simple techniques from our excellent instructors, soon you'll be wearing your own handmade creations. Let us help you get started... but we warn you, beading is addictive!

Times and dates are flexible. Kit included along with take home instructions. Please contact us or ask a sales associate in the shop for more information or to schedule your one-on-one instruction.

Beading Table in the Shop!

Please feel welcome to bring your projects to the shop and bead at the table provided. Enjoy complimentary beading boards, tools, and help from the sales assistants whenever possible! Weekdays are better for more personalized attention from our personnel.

Materials for Classes

Besides the charges listed in this newsletter, most classes also require that the student purchase or bring supplies. A confirmation/supply list is given at the time of registration. The supply needs are included on that sheet. Some classes may also have a supply or kit fee. See below.

Supply and Kit Fees

As you can see from the class listings, many classes have a supply or a kit fee. These fees are payable to the instructor on the day of the class. Most of our instructors are not able to take credit cards for these fees, so we ask that you use cash or checks for payment. Your cooperation is appreciated!

Tools for Classes

We encourage students to purchase or bring their own tools for classes. However, we do have basic tools to loan out to students for use in class. Please arrange for this in the shop prior to the start of the class.


Traffic in our region can be awful! Please allow yourself plenty of time to get to class. Late arrivals make it difficult for our other students and instructors.

Snow Policy

When Fairfax Co. schools are closed, classes are cancelled unless notified otherwise. If it snows on a weekend, we will notify you early if class is cancelled.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel at least 3 days prior to the class, a check for the cost of the class minus $5.00 will be given. A cancellation without 3 days notice can't be refunded.

This newsletter of classes has been compiled and scheduled by Beverlee Stafford. If you would like to propose a class, please contact her at

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