Make & Take: Soap Making & Box Folding

January 18th Saturday 3:00 – 5:00

What do soap, beads and crystals, and paper have in common? A soap-making and box-folding make-and-take crafting day at Star’s Beads with me, Amanda Van Beuren (aka Baublenaut)! This make-and-take day will offer two great ways to fit in some creative time, learn new creative skills, and make special items for gifting.

Soap-making: The soap-making kit ($25) provides high-quality melt-and-pour olive-oil soap base, soap colorant, and fragrance to make 2-4 bars (depending on sizes chosen) of beautifully tinted and deliciously scented soap. (Soaps may be made without coloring and/or fragrance, if preferred.)

A variety of soap molds, as well as containers and other necessary tools, will be on hand for use at the shop.

If desired, you also may add botanicals to your soaps, such as French lavender buds or calendula flower petals (available separately), or embed a small crystal or other small bead-type object in them (purchase from bead shop).

What a fun way to make a holiday gift for someone special, or to make something special for yourself!

Note: Because the soap-making involves melted (hot!) soap base, participants 16 years and under must be accompanied and assisted by a parent. Please plan for approximately two hours, as once the soaps are molded, they must cool completely before being unmolded.

However, while the soaps are cooling, you can move on to the box-folding!

Box-folding: The box-folding kit ($8) provides several sheets of large, heavier, patterned paper, as well as instructions to take home (and, at the store, personal instruction) for folding origami boxes to hold your newly created soaps — or anything else you’d like to put in them!

Using hand-made boxes adds an extra-special twist to your gift-giving!

These boxes also make great organizers for small-size office supplies, such as paper clips and push pins.

You can sign up online for our classes through Eventbrite, give us a call OR email to reserve your spot.