Meet Marti Brown, a wireworking and niobium specialist! She is an International instructor, published author, and jewelry designer for over 30 years. Let her show you the magic of niobium and see why it rocks her world. She will be teaching lots of workshops and bringing a trunk show of supplies and components thru The Dragons Odyssey which offers niobium findings and charms in special colors for your creative endeavors!

Workshops & Trunk Show

November 10th – 12th

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Exploring Niobium with Marti Brown

If you want to learn how to work niobium into your jewelry designs this is the class for you. Learn to apply basic metalworking techniques to niobium sheet and wire; then take your created pieces and colorfully anodize them. Learn the cold connections that will turn your new pieces into beautiful, wearable jewelry. Students will learn how to cut, drill, shape, texture, file, and sand niobium sheet and wire; anodizing techniques; and riveting.

November 10th Friday (10:00-4:00)

*Kit price included.

Kit contents: 5 feet 20 gauge un-anodized niobium wire, 4 feet 18 gauge un-anodized niobium wire, 3 feet 16 gauge un-anodized niobium wire, 3” x 3” 24 gauge un-anodized niobium sheet, 3” x 3” 30 gauge un-anodized niobium sheet

Catching The Dream with Marti Brown

Cut out a circle within a disc of niobium sheet to anodize your favorite color. Anodize 28 gauge niobium wire, weave it within the disc and finish of with a colorful feather.

November 10th Friday (5:00-8:00) $105 *Kit included

Kit Includes: 1 pair unanodized niobium earwires, 1 inch x 3 inch 24 gauge unanodized niobium sheet, 24 inches 28 gauge unanodized niobium wire, 2 pair lucite feathers, 12 inches 24 gauge unanodized niobium wire


Resisting Developments

Apply basic metalworking techniques to niobium wire and sheet, and explore how different resist materials allow you to create unique pieces that can be used in designing jewelry. Bath anodizing will be used to create the colors.

November 11th Saturday (10:00-4:00) $175 *Kit included

Kit Includes: 18-, 20-gauge unanodized niobium wire; 24-gauge unanodized niobium sheet; anodizer’s tape; Mighty Mask Peel-n-Stick vinyl sheets; a 3M sanding pad; rubber cement; Press-n-Peel blue transfer paper

Cab Set Niobium Pendant

Tab setting is a way to set a niobium pendant with a cabochon. Cut, file and sand to create a pendant, then anodize it to harmonize with your chosen cabochon.

November 11th Saturday (5:00-8:00) $105 *Kit included

Kit Includes: 1 inch x 3 inch 24 gauge unanodized niobium sheet, 6 inches 16 gauge niobium wire, cabochon (resin or gemstone), 18 inches silversilk capture chain



Rainforest Leaves

Learn to cut niobium sheet with metal shears, bend, texture it and then colorfully anodize your created pieces. Add beads with wire and jump rings to suggest falling rain. Students will learn how to cut, drill, shape, file, and sand niobium sheet and wire; some fold forming techniques; anodizing techniques.

November 12th Sunday (10:00-1:00) $105 *Kit included

Kit Includes:1 foot 20-gauge unanodized niobium wire, 3″x 3″ 26-gauge unanodized niobium sheet, small package magatama seed beads, a 3M sanding pad

T-Fold Cuff

Apply the T-fold technique of fold forming to niobium without using a torch. You will texture it with hammers and then shape it to fit your wrist. Once the cuff has been created and textured you can anodize it with the bath anodizing technique, choosing the colors that mean the most to you.

November 12th Sunday (12:00-5:00) $115 *Kit included

Kit includes: 3” x 6” 24 gauge un-anodized niobium sheet, a 3M sanding pad



Torch Fired Enamels: Painting With Fire

The art of enameling is laborious and purchasing a kiln is expensive. Torch-fired enamels is a great way to add color to your metal projects without the expense. We will make a variety of findings and objects that you can use in your other jewelry projects as well as a ring, bracelet or pair of earrings.

Nov 18th Sat. 10:00-3:00 $65.00

Charles Agel, instructor/$35* supply fee, payable to instructor on day of class.

 You can sign up online for our classes through Eventbrite, give us a call OR email to reserve your spot.