Kumihimo: Be Charmed

Kumihimo is fun, easy and portable. Learn how to make this amazing spiral bracelet with BeCharmed Beads in the center. This class is for all skill levels and has been chosen for Bead and Button Show.

April 2 Sun. 1:00-4:00 $35.00

Supplies: Your materials plus The Bits Kit is $6, provided by the instructor.

Monica Han, instructor

Swarovski Ambassador

Kwik Kumihimo Basics

Have you been wanting to learn what all the talk about kumihimo is all about? Learn the basics of this hot trending style from actually an old Japanese technique of braiding, traditionally done with gorgeous strands of colored silk. The belt used on the kimono, the obi, was tied by a kumihimo cord, the obijime. Kumihimo is a beautiful art that is culturally significant and can make exquisite necklaces or bracelets. Learn the basics of kumihimo and you will be hooked!
TBA $35.00
Gwendolyn Pitrez-Mallory, instructor

Kumihimo with Beads

Get crazy with your kumihimo and learn how to design with beads! This necklace can be designed with lamp work teardrops from Unicorne bubble beads or with beautiful Czech glass teardrops. It will get you even more hooked on kumi and you will be ready to really explore how different shapes and sizes play up on your own at home! Familiarity with kumihimo is recommended but fine for a ambitious beginner.
TBA  $45.00
Gwendolyn Pitrez-Mallory, instructor






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