Knotting Between Beads

Learn traditional knotting between beads and a professional way to attach a clasp. This method is appropriate for pearls and semi-precious beads. Complete a necklace of semi-precious 8mm beads in class. Good for all levels!

Saturday February 9th   (10:00 – 1:00)  $40.00

Kathy Scripka, instructor

FREE Cording Demo with the Knotty Do-It-All Board

Did you miss it last time? You have another chance! Star’s Beads very own Knotty Kathy will be showing off how Sandra Younger’s Knotty Do-It-All is a multi-functional cord knotting tool that allows users to quickly and easily perform a variety of knotting techniques, including coil knots, moose knots, overhand knots, macramé, braiding and much more. The sturdiest most versatile cord knotting tool on the market today includes an easy-to-follow instructional DVD and E-Photobook showcasing a wide variety of bracelets and necklaces. With no experience you can make professional-looking jewelry in just minutes! Come see how it works and you will be amazed!

February 9th Saturday (2:00 – 4:00)  FREE

If you have been to previous demos, they are always different!

Kathy will be teaching a class on THIS board the following TBA. Please check the class listing or call the shop for more information.

Permanent Twist Multi-Strand Necklace

Did you ever wonder how those “twisty” necklaces that you see in the catalogs keep their permanent twist? Learn the secret in this class. Using flex wire and crimps, you can make a 3 to 6 strand necklace with a permanent twist.

February 16th Sat. 10:00-1:00 $40.00

Beverlee Stafford, instructor

Kumihimo Basics with Beads

Have you been wanting to learn what all the talk about kumihimo is all about? Learn the basics of this hot trending style from actually an old Japanese technique of braiding, traditionally done with gorgeous strands of colored silk. The belt used on the kimono, the obi, was tied by a kumihimo cord, the obijime. Kumihimo is a beautiful art that is culturally significant and can make exquisite necklaces or bracelets. Learn the basics of kumihimo and you will be hooked! In this class we will introduce the use of beads and how to make up different patterns.

February 16th Sat. 2:00-5:00 $40.00

Gwendolyn Pitrez-Mallory, instructor

Knotty Do-It-All: The Basics

Come find out all the amazing things you can do with this board. In this class you will learn to make 4 different knots – the overhand, the coil, the moose and the slider knots. You will learn to make a beaded wrapped bracelet and an overhand knotted bracelet. In addition, you will make an adjustable necklace using a donut for a pendant and a slider for clasp.

February 17th Sat. 12:00-4:00 $50.00

Kathy Scripka, instructor

Make & Take with Leather

Let’s play with leather! Using a variety of different size leather, learn to make a ton of jewelry designs in a matter of minutes. You could use round leather, flat leather, regaliz leather. You could add a charm or a bead or ring or a tube or nothing at all. The possibilities are endless!

February 18th Mon. 12:00-4:00 *President’s Day

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