Knotting Between Beads

Learn classic knotting between beads and a professional way to attach a clasp. This method is appropriate for pearls and semi-precious beads. Complete a necklace of semi-precious 8mm beads in class. Good for all levels!
March 28th Sun             12:00-3:00      $35.00

Kathy Scripka, instructor


Knotty Do-It-All: The Basics

Come find out all the amazing things you can do with this board. In this class you will learn to make 4 different knots – the overhand, the coil, the moose and the slider knots. You will learn to make a beaded wrapped bracelet and an overhand knotted bracelet. In addition, you will make an adjustable necklace using a donut for a pendant and a slider for clasp.
Sun April TBA
Kathy Scripka, instructor


Layer on the Basics
Layering necklaces is a current, popular fashion statement.  Using basic stringing and wire-working techniques, design a series of necklaces that can be worn together or separately.  Learn two basic stringing techniques, as well as learning to make necklaces using wire loops and chain.
Great class for the beginning beader/ wire-worker!
March 17 Fri.       10:00-1:00         $35.00
Beverlee Stafford, instructor

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